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Call me before giving a statement to an insurance adjuster.
If you don't mention all injuries, you may prejudice your attempt to state them later.

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Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Massachusetts

Choose the Law Office of Robert Carnevale to find a trusted personal injury lawyer in Pepperell, MA. As a result of our commitment to fighting diligently for each and every client, we have a high success rate. We'll even travel to your location when necessary. Call today to to discuss your case.

Areas of Practice

• Auto Accidents
• Slip & Fall
• Product Liability
• Medical Malpractice
• Automobile Claims
• Swimming Pool Accidents
• Wrongful Death Suits

Fee & Expenses

 Our fees are contingent upon winning your case. Auto accidents and slip/fall cases are generally 33 1/3%, while product liability and medical malpractice are higher. Call today to discuss your case.

Benefit from our vast legal experience.

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Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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